Monday, August 17, 2015


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gear, sea, sea song, seas, really, real, eat and leave                                                                              

More Reading Our gifted Garden


(I am leaning about)
I.A.L.A. Our gifted Garden
I need to think about what do you think the best garden design idea is and why? (out of there's picks)

There is a water wheel, a mural, butterfly art, a pizza oven, African keyhole garden and pumice heart.
I thort the water wheel because it is powered by a posh bike and, that is what powers the wheel to make it go around and water the garden.    


Image result for riddles       what is it!!!

Star x2 = Circle x3

Triangle x1 = Star x4
Triangle x1 + Star x2 - Circle  x3 + Star x3  
How wins?

Wednesday, August 5, 2015



I.A.L.A  angles    I agree

                       When the pool ball hits the side then the end, the angles will all be the same.
                                                               agree or disagree x