Friday, November 13, 2015


WALA thinking outside the square and using word clues.

Try to re-arrange the letters of NEW DOOR to make one word.

comment with your ideas

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

W.A.L.A writing a story other people want to read
Greedy Cat’s surprise

Early in the morning
in the local shop one round faced soft Mum
wearing her usual blue and red outfit,
was buying groceries.
“This is the last time that cat will eat my food!”
Mum thought.

Lurking in the background,
the solitary,
figure of a fluffy,
barrel like,
looking out for a meal a gingery,
orangey white cat
“Look at that food” he thought happily.

Little did he know that Mum picked a nasty surprise,
from the large variety of multi-coloured tins and cans.

Back at home,
Greedy Cat
still on the lookout for food
thought he’d sniffed out a tasty treat,
meanwhile Mum was watching from behind the door”tasty revenge”Mum murmured

All of a sudden Greedy Cat realised what his tasty treat was! “mow!”  
yowled Greedy Cat
“This is the last time I will eat Mum’s food” he thought when he ran away
Meanwhile Mum chuckled going back to the kitchen “ that cat will never go into that shopping bug again”.

By Kurt Berry

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


                                                                   Best Mates
by Paora Tibble

I am learning about...
I.A.L.A Make and explain my inferences using information in the text

These are things I am already good at doing all the time in my reading
  • Reading longer texts and remember what has happened over a number of days
  • Talk about what they have read with others in the story
  • Reread
  • Automatically select and apply a decoding strategy when they find unknown word
My inference was that Mana is feeling really sad about his mate Jackson leaving and moving away to Auckland. The clues I used in the text were: "stink Jacksons leaving"

Monday, August 17, 2015


Aug+4%2C+2015+10%3A50%3A36+AM.jpg (800×600)I have been leaning ea.........................

gear, sea, sea song, seas, really, real, eat and leave                                                                              

More Reading Our gifted Garden


(I am leaning about)
I.A.L.A. Our gifted Garden
I need to think about what do you think the best garden design idea is and why? (out of there's picks)

There is a water wheel, a mural, butterfly art, a pizza oven, African keyhole garden and pumice heart.
I thort the water wheel because it is powered by a posh bike and, that is what powers the wheel to make it go around and water the garden.    


Image result for riddles       what is it!!!

Star x2 = Circle x3

Triangle x1 = Star x4
Triangle x1 + Star x2 - Circle  x3 + Star x3  
How wins?

Wednesday, August 5, 2015



I.A.L.A  angles    I agree

                       When the pool ball hits the side then the end, the angles will all be the same.
                                                               agree or disagree x


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Song Writing

                                                Song Writing

                  first. yea whats first. the ingredients
baking soda, water, vinegar, raisins last a bottle yea a
bottle then you get the bottle. yea fill it half full of water. yea next what ya gotta do what ya gotta do is this whole thing is about dancing raisins yea this whole thing is about an experiment yea dancing raisins yea dancing raisins well lets get back to it boyyyyy then add 2 teaspoons of baking soda yea baking soda
after that add 2 tablespoons of malt vinegar then you           gotta add 7 raisins to the what ya gotta do what ya gotta do is this whole thing is about dancing raisins yea this whole thing is about an experiment yea dancing raisins yea dancing raisins now the result:the raisins will start moving around in the mixture but it takes time

 the end

Monday, July 27, 2015

Private Harrie Wilkin Corrie

Harrie Wilkin Corrie Private Harrie Wilkin Corrie Harrie was born 17th April, 1884 in Bungaree, Australia. His father was Thomas and his mother was Jessie. Harrie was the sixth son of a big family, he also had two sisters Eva and Lynda. His parents remained in Australia and were shopkeepers in Bendigo. Harrie used to drive Barkers carts for two local bakers and was a well known around the town. Harrie worked as a miner in both Western Australia and Tasmania before he moved to New Zealand and lived in Blackball. He worked as a labourer for the Blackball Coal Company. Four years after arriving in New Zealand he enlisted in the Army. He trained in Canterbury and left New Zealand via Lyttleton, then Wellington on Friday, 16 October 1914. His service number is 6/602. Harrie was a very good athlete. He won and held the title of ‘Champion Pedestrian of South-East Coast of New Zealand’ (19th century version of competitive walking). Harrie was also a member of the Waro Lodge of the Freemasons. Harrie died in action in the Dardanelles/ Battle of Gallipoli, on Thursday 29th July 1915. His rank at his time of death was Private. Since he enlisted he had taken on the role of orderly to a Major Jordan, and he wrote to Harrie’s parents himself first advising them that their son had been seriously injured, and then that he had passed away. From all accounts Harrie was both well known and highly regarded by all his comrades. Harrie is buried in the Shrapnel Valley Cemetery, Anzac, Turkey.
Sources:  Trove Digitised Newspapers online, Auckland Museum Cenotaph Online, New Zealand War Graves website, Freemasons website

Wednesday, July 1, 2015



I need to find out what feast & moist mend.
   A large meal(a feast)
Image result for what is a feast
Image result for what is a moist

A wet place(a moist place)

mice for sale more Reading

                           Look closer and closer and closer!!!!!!!(into the book)
I.M.L.A the meaning of....
pallets,litter,pinkies,kitten,peek out
 and marked our prices down

Thursday, June 11, 2015



I am learning about making numbers that have a zero on the end.They are called multiples of ten.