Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Catch It

W.A.L.T: write complex and funny stories.
Catch it

“Cut! That was pretty good but, why is there a bird out in the senen we are acting here!
Come on people, what are you doing with your lives! And Why did we get someone with a fake leg and

“Sorry sir, this guy’s a comedian” “Aaaaaahhhhhhh! I will destroy everything if you don’t zip your lip!!!”
zzzzzzzzip… “My lip”. “ I said be quiet!!!” “Oooh, Hi there sorry about my boss he's…
I guess you can him a knucklehead. I’m the dude who goes to get the fake limps,
but you can call frogman”. “Why are you here, aren’t you supposed to be helping that guy get
his stacho?”  
“No I’m try to find his spare leg”. “Cool”

Twenty minutes later… Lunch break people so get out or you will be locked in, hahaha!!!
Well that was strang. “Wait, how long is lunch break?” Fifteen minutes” “Ooo” “
Yeah, but its fifteen minutes away from our boss”, “I guess so”. Fifteen minutes later…

“ We want a pay rise, We want a pay rise, We want a pay rise!!! Give us some money you old Carrot!
We want a pay rise, We want a pay rise, We want a pay rise”. “ They want my money, Run!!!”.
After two weeks in the bush… “ Shot hm in the head and put him to bed, Shot hm in the head and
put him to bed. “ Fine then, dolla dolla bills yo” “ he’s fanning the money get it!!!”

To be continued…  


  1. Hi Kurt
    Great job on creating this story, although I have absolutely no idea on what it's about, great job! The only things I would've liked to be different are you maybe adding some sort of explanation or blurb and just making new lines so that the writing fits in the page. I also have a question, what was your Learning Intention for this task?
    Other than that, great work, I'd like to see more so keep posting!

  2. Talofa Lava and Maloelelei,
    My name is Viva and I attend Panmure Bridge School, Auckland, New Zealand. I've read through this writing of yours. You really hooked me in! but like Alex i'm not too sure about what this writing is talking about and I could read the whole of the first sentence. Thank you...


Thanks for your helpful, thoughtful comment on my blog.