Monday, November 12, 2018

movie Trailer

At school we made a movie trailer for Sticking with pigs which is about a boy that goes hunting and kills a pig. it toke us about 3 weeks to make, I was the is the trailer about the book.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Going to the aerodrome

On the 1st of november we went to the Greymouth aerodrome. We asked some pilots questions and looked it and around different planes we sor a cessna 172 and a foxbat. I learnt a lot of stuff like the names of all the components and what they all do. The planes had crabarators so there was a pully thing so you can let heat from the engon in so it don't ice up. I'm not that good at writing a lot so that's it.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

last thing too do!!!

For my gold bar I made my ultimate class room, this was my last thing to do for my Gold bar. I will try and do as many posts as I can. Here it is, Enjoy.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Three more random acts of kindness

not that long ago I completed three more random acts of kindness #1 I knitted a little bear for my dad
#2 I made dinner for my Grandad and Grandma #3 I help Grandma sort Gandad's tools in her garage.
This went for my Gold bar.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Speech competition

Not that long ago I entered in the Rotary Speech competition. My speech was about Batman and how I'm similar to him. My favorite part would have been the food manly the jelly cubes. Here is my speech.

Batman the Human Hero

Have you ever seen a Batman movie?
Hello my name is Kurt Berry and
I’m going to be talking to you about Batman. Batman
(otherwise known as Bruce Wayne) was made in the wonderful
world of movie creator  DC. Sometimes I think I’m Batman.

Batman is pretty cool, he blends in with the night while he is
trying to stop crime. He is just a ordinary man but makes
himself so much more than that by training and persevering.
Batman fell down a hole into a cave underneath his house when
he was a kid
Imagine how frightened he would have been having fallen on
his back and bats swarming at him from all directions.
He persevered and worked through his fear of bats and created
his suit around it. Batman had help along the way from Mr Fox
the overseer  at his workplace.
They shared the secret about  his true identity. When Bruce
Wayne was developing his Batman suit,  Mr Fox had the
knowledge about the materials and the technology to help him.
My Sidekick is my Mum because she is always there and helps
me persevere with my school work and outdoor activities.

Batman defeats crime by shooting hooks out of his guns.
This helps him to get around and be stealthy capturing his
opponents so they have to face the consequences of their crime. I’m like Batman I think... well… This world doesn't carry many straight shooters anymore, so if there is one thing I think everyone should do is say their honest opinion.
I would speak up if the rules were broken when I play rugby
league no matter which side is at fault. I like students at school
to face the consequences about their behaviour and be honest.

When Batman wants to achieve he is very determined.
Can’t you see him flying shiny cape shimmering in the
moonlight determined to achieve his mission. I feel like Batman
when I am determined to achieve my goal as winger.
I imagine I am Batman with my cape flying behind me.

Normally I am swimming right now,  but if I were Batman I
would probably be tinkering with my Batmobile. Everyone can
be a hero.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

My Big Brain - Explanation writing

In our writing we have been researching the Brain and writing about the info so others can use this info for their research, this is the start of my writing.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Random acts of kindness

For my silver bar I had to do three random acts of kindness. For these I made a cake for my teachers, helped my Grandma with work for two days and made a meal for my aunty who lets us stay at night.