Wednesday, November 20, 2019


Learn/ako: Developing life skills Create/hanga- a solution to a problem Share/tohatoha - your new creation/innovation with the class and on your blog. for this activity I made for my class.

Monday, August 26, 2019

clap challege

WALT:Developing rhythm and movement,collaborating, sequencing movements.
here is our video.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Film Making

WALT: Learn: sequencing ideas; extending ideas, making connections, Script writing, planning, purpose and audience, evaluation.Create: A film to enter in the Film Festival.Share:With friends and class for feedback. Blog and at the Film Festival.

1. Get the idea in your head and note down them down to form your film.
2. Find out who your audience is and think about what they want to see in the film and how your going to get there.
3. Write and edit your script
4. Draw out your storyboard so you can get an idea of what you want it to look like before you begin filming
5. Get feedback from different people and revise.
6. Find the locations that your going to film at, make sure that your not at a busy or loud place.
7. Film your senses from different angles and find out which works
8. Cut the films down to make it more interesting
9. Discuss with other to see if the film matches the storyboard
10.Add in special effects to help merge the different scenes

Tuesday, July 30, 2019


WALT: Sustained reading, comprehension at deeper level leading to conversations and making connections. we have been reading a book named foxcraft, we get two new
questions each week.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Te Reo Maori

For this activity we had o find out about a place on the west coast that was named in Maori and write about what it means. My one was Atarau which is the purpley red one.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Our community

WALT: research about the community that we live in and what events happened in the journey to get to where we are now.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Always Head Forward

WALT: find out what goes into a genre and how to write a story using that genre. This is my success criteria.

Always Head Forward

Forward is the direction that I was heading swiping away lies, pain and disbelief until the day I looked my desanie straight in the eyes. People say that the best way to live is with others that you love, as for me, I disagree, the wild is the place to be. Throwing one leg in front of another until the end of my days in the wild, always watching, listening for the right moment to strike my pray.My job finding and killing wanted millionaires, the most high tech job in the world at this given time, I’m the only one in the world that does this job for many reasons. Down a dark alleyway is where this story begins. On my way to my apartment I was forced to run down an alleyway chased by my worst enemy, dogs. Dogs would be my greatest weakness but I’m smarter than them so I jump up onto some cardboard boxes and continued to run and jump around the sides of this brick alleyway try to find a gap to leap out of this nightmare. I finally ran out of Objects to jump on I was cornered in the back of the overgrown alleyway, downtown, New York. This left me with one option try and climb the vines that cover the old bricks and get as far as I can away from dogs.Stomach rumbling, dehydrated and hungry for sleep, I stumbled through the doorway and into the kitchen to find a source of food, in the dark I fumbled around the fridge to find something clam the monster inside of me. After five long minutes I found something and decided to sleep, as I made my way to my bed they came, the ones I was afraid of meeting…  the Van Der Geest family that I was assigned to kill and they had to do the same for me. Death, one more thing to add to my fears list, the worst punishment of all that I give to many in this city but no one gives to me as they fear the conscience of trying. They make their entry through the door and widows, they moved through the apartment one room at a time and found me in my room luckily I was still awake and made way for my gun on my bedside table, trying to aim and shot in darkness is not a very good idea, I thought my gun around aimlessly firing whenever I sore movement, after I finshed my rowed of bullets I was baged and taken away. My feet dragged along the carpet as they pulled at my arms, down the stairs we went thud, thud, thud. The pain shot throughout my lifeless body, thoughts and memories began to spil for my body, as I made contact with the cold metal of the vehicle. I woke up not knowing where I was, so I decided to play it dumb so I could listen to pray and prepare to strike, they started talking, “what are we going to do with this killer?” “hang him upside down and integrate him, idiot.”Off the information that I just overheard I decided to act. Fumbling around in the bag I managed to find the knife that I always keep in my sock, with this sharp object I sliced a hole at the top of the bag just big enough to site my way out. To my surprise I was in the middle of a rainforest. With my incredible eye site I looked around for my captives, clear. I slowly cut my way out of the wet bag constantly checking my surroundings for movement. I wiggled out and creeper towards the bush line to prepare for my escape. Crouching behind a tree in the centre of enemy territory, trying to get away from the pain that’s stubing me in the back.Run the best plan that I came up with, so that's what I did and if that wasn’t a good idea I thought that the only logical way to get out was straight through their front door. I didn't expect what I began  doing after that, as if magic pumped through my veins I RAN!!! As I was running away from humadie still being pumped with the power I came to a stop a plucked an apple from out of this blue and purple tree. I had been running for an hour before coming to another stop and had begun seeing more peculiar trees and animals, I stopped and staggered into the bush to find a cozy place to lie down only to come out at the one place I didn’t won’t to be, at the Van Der Geest’s “abandoned” house, I turned and hid behind a dead flaxs bush. Looking around I found one person at this side of the perimeter and a SAR 80 behind some rotten logs on the other side of the house, I army crawled towards the weapon spotted another person on that side of the building. I scopted up the gun and fired five bullets directly through the opposition's head. I moved forward into the open and fired at the back up coming from inside the house, I dived to miss the oncoming bullets and instantly gave them a taste of their own medicine.Running at the building I shot at the windows a leaped through one of them and just like that I was ready to blow the building with the TNT that was in one hand. I bolted out of another window and emerged in group of trees and started to run, after the hardest twenty seconds of running I heard the most incredible noise... BOOM!!! You might be wondering where the TNT came from well the answer to that question is that came off a fancie green tree about ten minutes away. Always head forward is the key to life the bush is where I now live and  where I will for a long time to come with no job and nothing to worry about. With my belle full and wide awake I was ready to take on whatever the world was going to throw at me.
The End